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Zetts Sports is the top manufacturer and retailer of high-quality martial arts equipment and training gear in Australia.

We specialise in custom-made and branded martial arts equipment, for martial arts schools, clubs, trainers and instructors. Call us today on 02 9793 8008 to find out how we can help you.

 If you're searching for martial arts supplies near you, we support martial arts enthusiasts nation-wide with premium gear to give you the competitive edge.

Browse our equipment online & contact us for wholesale discounts and custom options.

Premium Quality Equipment

As the leading manufacturer of Australian martial arts equipment, Zett Sports cuts out the intermediary between gyms and gear. We make premium, hand-made martial arts equipment and make them available online,Australia-wide.

From boxing gloves to martial arts
uniforms, we make it all. We make punching bags for training, as well as
protective gear to make sure you're not the punching bag in sparring.

Supplying directly to clubs and gyms means our products offer the best value on the market. So if you're after the best equipment and outstanding value, then choose Zett Sports.

Custom-Made Options

Zett Sports brings together quality materials and superior handiwork - all for an affordable cost. Our martial arts equipment offers the best value for money - and premium performance when training and sparring.

We also produce custom equipment and apparel. Want to have your team decked out in branded uniform for the next competition? We can customise our products for clubs and gyms, with as many logos, numbers or text as you like, at no extra charge.

Hand-made for high quality, we also sublimate our custom uniforms for long-lasting designs on the fabric. The uniforms are built to stand the tests of time, sweat and laundry detergent.

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I met the owner of Zett Sports in my lounge room when he first started off by ordering unique products. I have been his customer since 2003. So many martial arts shops have closed down since then and Zett Sports has really grown. Not only does he have a huge range of products and he can custom make products for school owners

George Adams

Zett Sports is a place you can go and know that they are genuinely doing their best to provide you with the best product and best customer service possible. I have been buying Zett products since 2004 and would highly recommend this place if you are looking for value for money and great customer service!

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Martial Arts Equipment - Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for martial arts supplies near you? Zett Sports is your home for premium, handmade martial arts equipment online. We supply training and sparring gear for kickboxing, judo, kung fu, karate, taekwondo and more.

Can you do martial arts at home?

Want to further your martial arts training outside the gym? We all need a proper coach to make sure you're getting the small details right. But, the extra training at home will go a long way towards getting your 10,000 hours in. Without a sparring partner, your home environment is a good place to focus on building flexibility, agility, strength and stamina.

While there are plenty of training videos online, some key pieces of martial arts equipment can go a long way. Zett Sports offers complete training packs to bring your kickboxing or kung fu routine home.

This includes gloves, punching bags and pads, training dummies, uniforms and protective gear. Don't skimp on the warm-up either! Build your body's responsiveness with agility cones and skipping ropes.

For the full range of training and sparring gear, browse the range at Zett Sports. We offer premium specialist gear for kick boxing, judo, kung fu, karate, taekwondo and more.

What should I wear to martial arts?

While sports leggings or sweat pants can suffice, they've got nothing on the proper martial arts uniform. How do you know you're doing the kicks properly, if you can't hear the snap of uniform hems?

For casual training, you can wear any loose, comfortable clothing that won't get in the way of manoeuvres. Make sure you cover your elbows and knees, to protect from the mat. 

Unless you've chosen muay thai, full-length pants are safer than baggy shorts! Most martial arts have flexibility training and plenty of high kicks. If you want to wear shorts, wear leggings underneath.

Proper training and sparring require a martial arts uniform in Australia. Uniforms are comfortable and protective, without being restrictive. Sports like judo specifically need a uniform for grappling moves.

You can wear a shirt under your uniform, if you prefer. There is a specific way to tie the martial arts belt and fold the uniform, which you can learn in class or from a video online.

What equipment do you need for martial arts?

Each type of martial arts will come with a specific martial arts uniform. These range from a taekwondo dobok for high kicks to the heavier judo gi for grappling, as well as specialised shorts for muay thai.

Judo, taekwondo and karate are graded, meaning their uniforms have belts that show your rank in the martial arts. Each sport starts with the white martial arts belt, and then climbs the grades from there.

MMA, boxing and muay thai need boxing gloves, which can also be used for sparring training in other martial arts.

There's a variety of martial arts equipment for warm-ups to build your agility and stamina, or for sparring practise. Sparring gear includes pads and shields, as well as protective gear to keep you safe while training.

No matter what kind of training and sparring equipment you're after, Zett Sports has you covered. Browse our range of martial arts equipment and uniforms, or contact us for custom gear for clubs and gyms.

How do I choose the right martial art equipment?

Once you start getting into sparring, protective martial arts equipment is essential. Ward off the worst of the bruises and prevent anything serious from happening! 

Shin guards protect the shin bones, which aren't very deep below the flesh, from kicks. Headgear, including ear guards and mouth guards, protect any parts of your face and head that could be hurt by punches and kicks. Look after your sparring partner with proper boxing gloves or mitts.

When buying martial arts equipment online, look for signs of quality gear that will help you train and protect you while sparring. Handmade gear is better than something cheap and mass-produced! 
Zett Sports manufactures quality martial arts equipment. Cutting out the intermediaries, we supply directly to clubs, gyms and individuals, so you can get your hands on the best value in the market. Browse our range or contact us for custom martial arts equipment and apparel.