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Whether you're in boxing, MMA, taekwondo or karate, Zett Sports offers the complete range of boxing gloves online. Browse our range of quality adults' and kids' boxing gloves.

Boxing Gloves Online - Frequently Asked Questions

Are boxing training gloves the same as boxing gloves?

There are many types of boxing gloves, such as boxing training gloves and bag gloves. Training gloves are for protection in sparring, while bag gloves are for practice.

Bag gloves are just that, gloves for practising punches on a punching bag. Most boxing gloves online will be bag gloves. Much heavier in design, they are designed for practising punching techniques in drills.

Because their weight makes them more tiring to wear, bag gloves aren't designed to prepare you for sparring.

Boxing training gloves are also called sparring gloves. They're more lightweight, while providing the padding and protection you need for sparring.


Can you use boxing training gloves for boxing?

Versatile boxing training gloves can be used for training on punching bags, as well as for sparring practice. Their padding provides shock absorption for both bags and matches. 

Though boxing training gloves are designed to be lightweight for sparring, they are also firm enough to use on punching bags.

However, while a set of boxing training gloves can be used for either bags or matches, once you've purchased yours, make sure you only use them for one purpose. This is because punching bags are hard enough to wear down the pads of boxing training gloves, making them less effective for sparring matches.


Do you need gloves to hit a punching bag?

It's possible to train on a punching bag without any boxing gloves. Using only hand wraps or even bare knuckles will strengthen your knuckles, wrist and forearms.

However, training without hand protection should only be done intermittently. While it will build up your muscles, you don't want to overdo it and cause an injury. Wrist bones are fragile!

Once you have built up your muscles and want to gain endurance, you will need proper boxing gloves. There is a wide range of boxing gloves online, to suit any type of training or fighting style. 

Many boxing gloves are specifically designed for practices on a heavy punching bag, but lighter sparring gloves can also be used for bags. Browse the Zett Sports range of boxing gloves online.


What boxing gloves should I get for training?

The best boxing gloves for training will depend on their price, amount of padding, weight and size.

Like with everything else, for boxing gloves online, you get what you pay for. It's much better to pay upfront for higher quality gloves, which will last long enough to pay off the investment, and provide decent form during that time.

When browsing boxing gloves online, look at the thumb support carefully. This is where lower quality gloves see wear and tear. Cheap, worn boxing gloves online provide inadequate protection for your thumb, and can lead to broken thumbs.

As a general guide, gloves with heavier padding are for endurance training on punching bags, while you will need more agile lightweight gloves for sparring.

What gloves should a beginner boxer use?

Looking for your first set of boxing gloves online can seem a daunting prospect. Boxing training gloves are popular among beginners, because of their versatility in usage.

Boxing training gloves are the standard set that can be used on both punching bags and people. They're popular with beginner boxers because they're suitable for a range of purposes. If you're not sure what type of training you'll be focussing on the most, start with the versatile boxing training gloves.

If you know you want to primarily practise on a punching bag, bag gloves are specifically designed for this kind of training. Heavier and sturdier, bag gloves are endurance work. They'll teach you how to always keep your hands up, when it comes to sparring further down the road!

What size boxing gloves does my child need?

Channel your child's energy in a positive discipline with the right set of kids' boxing gloves. 

Of all the boxing gloves online, how to choose the right one for your child? While cheaper kids' boxing gloves are tempting, you'll be doing your child a disservice if you buy something that doesn't know how to take a punch.

Quality gloves will protect the delicate growing bones in your child's wrist and forearms. Kids' boxing gloves usually have more padding than adults' gloves, for greater protection.

Children don't outgrow gloves as quickly as they do other clothes. If you want to develop your child's interest in a sport that'll grow their self-confidence, support them with quality kids' boxing gloves.

Browse the Zett Sports children's range for kids' boxing gloves online.

What are the best gloves for MMA?

MMA fighters rotate through a variety of MMA gloves, depending on what kind of training or sparring session they're getting ready for.

Your MMA gloves and mouthguard are your only protection in the ring. This means it's critical to choose the right MMA gloves, to unleash your power while keeping you and your sparring partner safe.

MMA gloves provide grip for the grappling moves, as well as padding for protection. Boxing gloves can't be used for MMA, as they prevent grappling.

MMA gloves for training or grappling have more segmentation for the fingers, to make gripping easier. MMA gloves for sparring have more padding, as you rely on striking and punching more than grappling.

Most people are under the impression that the primary purpose of MMA gloves is to protect your partner. However, their key role is actually to protect the bones of your own knuckles and wrist.

Does Taekwondo or Karate use gloves?

Taekwondo gloves protect the knuckles - the site of impact in a punch. More like a second skin than boxing gloves, taekwondo gloves are designed to protect the wearer from breaking or injuring the knuckles, as well as cushion the blow for the sparring partner.

Karate gloves offer protection in sparring, to prevent injuries in the case of karate techniques being applied without enough control. The padding of karate gloves keeps your thumb secure and safe in strong punching and striking moves.

Zett Sports offers specialist boxing gloves online. Browse our range for taekwondo and karate.