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Wholesale Registration


Who can apply for wholesale registration?

If you are a Owner/Director or someone who makes purchasing decision for a club or retailer.

What are the benift of being registred as a wholesale customer?

Once you get registered with us as a wholesale customer you will get special wholesale discount that is only accessible for wholesale customer.

How do I register?

Fill up the application  beow↓↓ and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Wholesale Application Form

  • Business Representative Information

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  • Terms and Conditions

    ● A wholesale customer is: a customer who buys our products for the purpose of on-selling.

    ● Wholesale customers trade under the terms and conditions set out in the Zett Sports Company Policy.

    ● Zett Sports reserves the right to refuse applications for any reason.

    ● All general stock purchases must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

    ● All custom made orders require a 100% Upfront payment, A computer-generated sample will be shown before production.

    ● Products that are not kept in stock (eg jigsaw mats, Centurian man etc) require 100% payment when the order is placed.

    ● Information provided on this form will be used to notify you of updates on sales, products and other news.

    ● Wear and tear of equipment used in contact sports is to be expected. Our products do not have a lifetime warranty and should be replaced at regular intervals.

    ● Wholesale customers should be aware that retail customers may be entitled to a maximum 10% discount on purchases exceeding $100.

    ● Re-selling of Zett Sports products is to be no less than Zett Sports recommended retail price except for a maximum 10% discount on sales over $100.



    Personal information collected on our website and forms are for the primary purpose of evaluating your application for wholesale purposes, facilitating your order and expediting future orders. It will not be released for any form of commercial gain and will be maintained in a secure location as per the requirements of the Privacy Act. We are not involved in the selling, trading or alternative unauthorised use of personal information. We promise that we will not pass on your personal details to any other organisations.

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