Benefits of Boxing

Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is one of the most popular martial arts forms of all times. One of the oldest martial arts forms, boxing has evolved with the passage of each century, and today the style of boxing have become more refined and perfected.

Boxing is also one of the most effective methods of self defence. This combat sport has, over the years, provided some of the best athletes the world has ever seen. The skill and the technical knowledge that these athletes have showcased have never ceased to amaze anyone and it has added to the popularity of the sport. Let us look at what all benefits boxing provides:

  • It is the Ultimate Workout - While engaging in a typical boxing training session, it is believed that one can burn around 500-1000 calories. The training technique of boxing utilizes combination of aerobic and anaerobic methods that would stimulate all your muscle groups and increase your cardiovascular performance and body conditioning.
  • It helps Decrease Stress - The physical workout while engaged in boxing training can help release the stress that you have accumulated in your body. During boxing training, while one hits the bags and the mitts, the practitioner can relax under pressure and in turn be a great stress reliever.
  • Improved Body Strength - While practicing boxing, you would have to punch the bags and even kick it hundreds of times. This requires your upper body, lower body and the core to engage as contact is made with the bag. Also you would have to engage in certain other strength training practices that helps you7 have a great workout.
  • Better Hand-Eye Coordination - Boxing is a sport that requires your hand and eye to work in tandem so that you may be able to stay on your feet while participating in a competition. Also, having a good hand-eye coordination can help in your everyday life as well. This tends you to have faster reflexes and reaction times. When you have a better physical coordination the days when you get aged would also be easier to handle and the risks of falls are greatly reduced.
  • Fat Loss - With the ultimate boxing training and workout, the unnecessary fat in your body would get burned up and you can maintain a healthy weight.

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