Boxing Gloves at Zett Sports Australia

Boxing Gloves at Zett Sports Australia

Boxing is a popular sport that has its origin dating back to the BCs. As you all know, it is a combat sport between two players, who wear protective gloves and throw punches at each other for a pre-decided set of time.

Gloves are an important element in a boxing match. They are cushioned gloves that are worn during matches and also while practising. They are used to protect the fighter’s hand during about, or training and also to reduce facial injuries to the opponent. Though in the earlier days gloves were not usually used during boxing matches, it became mandatory in the 1870s. The modern boxing gloves made its appearance to the ring by the end of 1990s.

Boxing gloves usually come either as lace-ups or velcro. Boxing gloves are worn over hand wraps which helps in stabilizing the area of the fist and protect it against injuries. Lace-ups provide a comfortable and secure fit, but it requires assistance from another person to lace. Velcro acts as a second-hand wrap and it adds more stability to the wrist.

For a boxer to showcase his best fight, the best gloves are needed, and it is where Zett Sports makes its entrance. Zett Sports, established in 2002, is Australia’s leading supplier and manufacturer of high-quality equipment for the boxing and martial arts enthusiast. A decade-long of quality service has made us to be the best and the most trusted sports gear manufacturer in Australia.

For all those boxing enthusiasts, we have a good range of quality Boxing gloves, designed exclusively to provide your hands with the most comfort and protection. The products that you can find under this category are Boxing Gloves, Boxing Gloves Laces, Boxing Gloves Leather, Keanu Airflow Boxing Gloves, Kids Boxing Gloves and PU Flex Boxing Gloves.

The products that we provide under this category is made of synthetic leather with handmade the mould. They also contain hand-made soft EVA foam and latex sheet that provides great comfort of use and also delivers a high impact on contact. The Keanu range sports a machine moulded padding and it also has a functional airflow mesh that provides superior ventilation. Our kids range sports an improved mould that provides better performance, durability and comfort. The PU Flex boxing gloves is also made from synthetic leather and have a velcro strap, that provides more stability to the wrist. The padding is handmade, which ensures the durability and functionality of the products.

At Zett Sports, you can get the best shopping experience through many great features such as Fast Shipping, Supplier Direct, 30 Day Guarantee, Expert Staff which all provides 100% Customer Satisfaction. The quality of our products to add much to your satisfaction, and thus it is always the best experience with us.

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