Buy from Our Awesome Product Collections

Buy from Our Awesome Product Collections

Zett Sports, since 2002, have been providing Aussies with the best apparels and equipment at wholesale prices. Our industry that we primarily cater to is Martial Arts, while also providing for casual needs too. This makes us a unique store in Australia.

Zett Sports take immense pride in the variety of products that we provide our customers with. Being manufacturers of these products, we make sure that our customers are only provided with the best at all times. The products that we provide fall under a variety of categories and let us have a look at what they are:

  • Gloves - When it comes to martial arts styles like Taekwondo, Boxing & Kickboxing and others, gloves are a necessary equipment that helps keep the hands of the practitioners safe from injuries. It helps them to land punches on their opponents without causing any serious damage. The best gloves should provide protection and comfort at the same time, and those that you can purchase with us will do it well. You can also find Bag Mitts, Gym Gloves, Inserts and Quick Wraps.
  • Uniforms - As martial arts forms are distinguished by its techniques and movements, it could also be distinguished by the uniforms being used. At Zett Sports, you can find uniforms for martial arts forms like Karate, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Kung Fu, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing & Kickboxing Shorts and so on. These uniforms are made of the best fabrics that ensure the best comfort to each and every one who wears it.
  • Gym - Hitting the gym with the best products can help you engage in workouts easily and effectively. They would provide you with the best comfort while lying easily on your body. Our Gym products include Gloves, Belts, Fig 8, Wrist Wraps, Skip Ropes, Mats, Breaking Boards and many others. You can purchase them at wholesale prices, without being compromised on quality.
  • Training - Now everyone can train in martial arts and boxing the best way, thanks to the high-quality products that you can purchase from Zett Sports. The training equipment and other products available with us include Shields, Bags, Pads, Paddles, Balls, Speed & Agility and Weapons.
  • Protective - We also have a good collection of protective equipment at Zett Sports that helps safeguard your body from injury. The protective equipment you can purchase from us includes for Upper Body, Centre Body and Lower Body.
  • Casual Wear - We also have apparels that cater to casual wear and team wear needs. These come from some of the most trusted clothing brands in Australia.

From Zett Sports, you can avail Embroidery Services that can help you embroider the logo of your martial arts school on the uniform. The various services we provide in embroidery are Front Left or Right Chest Embroidery, Back Embroidery and Arm or Leg Embroidery.

Purchase from us and experience quality and comfort at all times. Visit Zett Sports online store now!