Gym Equipment and Apparels at zett sports

Gym Equipment and Apparels at zett sports

The most favourite destination of all fitness and martial arts enthusiasts will be the gym. Going to the gym in the morning or evening and engaging in a few workout and sparring sessions would make us fully geared up to take on anything.

Looking back at the history of gyms, we would be surprised to know that they go a long way back. The first recorded ones date back to the 3000 B.C and were in Ancient Persia. Gyms were also popular in Ancient Greece and the teachers had wisdom and philosophy in abundance. They were then known as “zurkaneh” and physical fitness was encouraged in these areas. It is believed that the first indoor gymnasium was built in 1852 by Adolph Spiess.

Throughout the years, gyms have stayed much popular with the people and it is still the place where everyone goes for staying fit. But, in order to perform well, you would need the best gym equipment and apparels that keep you comfortable, while unleashing your potential. And at Zett Sports, you can purchase such items.

Zett Sports, launched in 2002, is home to a wide collection of a variety of martial arts and MMA equipment and apparel. We supply products from some of the major brands in Australia and internationally recognized. We also manufacture quality products that serve its function with ease and keeps you comfortable.

One, among the amazing product collections we have, is Gym Equipment. The products available in this category can make sure that the best experience is delivered to each one of those who are using it. It promotes better performance and delivers the best comfort at all times.

The collections that we have in this category are Gloves, Belt, Fig 8, Wrist Wraps, Skip Ropes, Mats, Breaking Boards and other Misc items. The products available in these categories are Zett Hand Wraps, Jigsaw Mats - 2.5cm, Fast Speed Skipping Rope - 3m, Wall Paddings, Knee wraps, Power lifting wraps, Pull Up grips, Power lifting straps, Knee straps, Magnum Sports Bag, Basic Sports Bag, Yoga Mats 6mm, Wrist Wraps, Training Cones, Steel Wire Skipping Rope Professional - 3m, Sauna Suit, Jigsaw Matt - 3cm, Figure 8, Dipping Dip Weight Lifting Belt and the Black Lifting Belt.

You can also choose from a variety of Gloves that include Cotton Hand Pads, Adidas WKF Approved Official Karate Mitts, Glove liners/inserts, MMA Sparring Gloves PU, MMA Sparring Gloves (Leather), MMA Gloves PU, Keanu Airflow Boxing Gloves and so on.

Purchase from our awesome collection of products and experience the best workout times at the Gym. Visit our online store now!