Shields for Training at Zett Sports

Shields for Training at Zett Sports

Training is essential for anyone to be perfect in martial arts. All the gyms and all academies stress on martial arts training and sparring so that individual can be perfect in the sport and achieve great heights.

In order to train well, there is the requirement of high quality training equipment and from Zett Sports you can purchase the best ones. Zett Sports, from 2002 onwards, has been on the forefront of providing the best martial arts training equipment and apparels, our own and from the leading brands in the world.

Being a manufacturer and supplier has helped us provide exactly what the people need and this has helped us be the most trusted store for them. We have a good collection of high quality training equipment and the products in it includes the likes of SHIELDS, BAGS, PADS, PADDLES, BALLS, SPEED & AGILITY and WEAPONS.

As all you martial arts enthusiasts would know, shields are an important part of the quality martial arts training times. While sparring, the use of shields would help the instructors to stay protected and also the practitioners to train the best way and perfect their skills. This calls for the best training shields.

At Zett Sports, we have a good collection of Training Shields and the products available include Kick Shield, Round Kick Shields Rags and the Zett Wall Mounted Uppercut Unit.

  • Kick Shield - This Kick Shield is Australian made and is made with ripstop material filled with foam. This high quality shield can easily take kicks and punches. You can purchase it for $75.00.
  • Round Kick Shields Rags - This Australian made Round Kick Shield is filled with rags. It is made with a ripstop material and is highly durable. This quality product is very good for boxercise drills and for punching and kicking. You can buy this for $65.00.
  • Zett Wall Mounted Uppercut Unit - this quality product is made from super tough Nylon and it has a structural plywood backing. It also has a heavy duty inner padding with 6 x stuffed dura-padded targets. This product is ideal for upper cutting, hooking and jabbing. You can purchase it for $360.00.

Visit Zett Sports online store now to purchase the best quality training items at the best prices. With us quality is the greatest, so is your training and perfection.