Welcome to Zett Sports

Welcome to Zett Sports

There is a fighter in everyone, and each one of us is a fighter. The only difference is that the degree of our fight or our purpose would differ with each other. Some would be battling with their work environments to make a living, while some would be fighting for glory and money. Whatever be your fight, you would need the right accessories to put on a good fight.

For those brave and fierce fighters who put themselves in the line of fire, battling themselves against the fiercest of competitors and putting their everything into earning that coveted glory and title, the best of the best is needed. Whether it is for sparring, training or to perform on the glory days, the best should be had and used so that the fighter can perform to his maximum and outperform his competitor. It is with this aim that Zett Sports was established and performing.

Zett Sports, established in 2002, is a decade old supplier and manufacturer of high quality martial arts uniform and boxing equipment. We are set up with a modern vision to provide you with the best in quality and service at a price and time that is convenient to you, making Zett a name that you can place your trust on.

Being great fighters ourselves, with sheer determination and hard work, we have attained a perfect combination of products created from quality materials, made with superior craftsmanship at an extremely affordable cost. Be it in product variety or pricing, we provide our customers with a decisive edge.

We provide quite a range of high-quality products that help you showcase your best performance in our catalogue. The categories that we provide are Gloves, Uniforms, Gym, Training Equipment, Protective Equipment and Shoes. We also provide a good range of authentic Adidas products that include Adidas Shoes, Adidas Uniforms, Adidas Bags, Adidas Gloves, Adidas Boxing Shorts, Adidas Protective, Adidas Boxing Shirts and Adidas MMA.

In Gloves category, we provide products that cater to Boxing & Kickboxing, MMA, Karate, Taekwondo, Bag Mitts, Gym Gloves, Quick Wraps and Inserts. In Uniforms, we provide Boxing & Kickboxing Shorts, MMA, Karate, Taekwondo, BJJ, Judo and Kung Fu. For Gym, we provide all the categories of Gloves, Belts, Fig 8, Wrist Wraps, Hand Grips, Training Equipment, Skip Ropes, Mats and other Misc items. For Training purposes, you can have Shields, Bags, Pads, Paddles, Balls, Speed & Agility, Weapons and Zett Anklets. Among Protection Equipment, you can have equipment that protects the Upper Body, Centre Body and Lower Body. In Shoes, you can have Boxing Shoes, Wrestling Shoes and Martial Arts Shoes.

A great range of quality products makes us stay a class apart from the other providers. We aim to cater to the needs of the martial arts enthusiasts all over Australia by providing them with premium gear made with cutting edge technology, to provide them with an edge. So, grab the best gear and gear up to perform your best in practice and competition through Zett Sports.