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Brazilian jiu-jitsu (also known as BJJ) is a martial art and combat sport that focuses on ground fighting and grappling. As participants in a full contact method of fighting, BJJ participants recognize how important it is to buy BJJ gear to sustain safe and effective grappling and protect both opponents.

The uniform a BJJ participant wears is called a gi. To buy a BJJ gi can mean searching far and wide for the color selection and style you need to participate in BJJ with confidence. Zett Sports offers not only BJJ gis for sale but BJJ shirts for sale online and countless other supportive accessories for participants to use in training and fights. We are proud to offer the state-of-the-art battel-tested gis you need to keep up with the demanding and constant movement that comes with practicing BJJ.

Regulations for BJJ Gis

While a gi may look like a straightforward uniform, there are regulations that apply to every BJJ gi. For example, the gi must be made of cotton and must be in good condition. A gi that is not found to be in “good condition” or is overly thick or hard will immediately disqualify a party from a fight.

The jacket of your gi must be a specific length: down to the thighs of the participant with sleeves that meet the wrist with the participant’s arms stretched in front of them. Administrators take the sizing guidelines of your gi very seriously, and in high-level competitions, they will take length measurements to ensure the gi is acceptable and the participant is not trying to alter the outcome of the match through defective gear.

A BJJ practitioner cannot alter the appearance of his or her gi in any way or paint on the gi unless administrators make a particular exception during a team competition. As BJJ fighters know well, the gi is a symbol of the discipline and skill its wearer possesses, and respect and honor for these guidelines are a core part of participating in BJJ.

Find the Perfect BJJ Gis and BJJ Shirts for Sale

Zett Sports respects BJJ fighters and their equipment. We provide you with the most affordable options for exceptional-quality BJJ merchandise. We understand that without a BJJ gi or a BJJ shirt, you will not be able to practice the art of BJJ and you may even be excluded from competitions. We want you to find the BJJ gi for sale that will perfectly complement your practice and satisfy every ring requirement that keeps you qualified in high-level participation.

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