Important Karate Gear for Kids and Where to Buy a Karate or Taekwondo GI Uniform Online

Karate is a fantastic sport for kids. This discipline can help them build strength, flexibility, and confidence. Martial arts also teach discipline and help children use excess energy in a healthy way. If your child is interested in starting karate or taekwondo classes, it’s important to make sure that they have all of the equipment they’ll need. Your child’s instructor will most likely tell you what you need to buy – at a minimum, you’ll need to buy a karate uniform online, as well as the right belts. When kids begin sparring, they typically need additional gear.

What karate gear to kids need?

The specific equipment your child will need depends on their instructor’s preferences, so ask to be safe. That said, in general equipment commonly used by kids in martial arts classes includes:

  • Uniforms. A karate or taekwondo uniform or GI is made of two parts: a loose-fitting top and comfortable pants. Most students begin with white uniforms but they are available in a range of colours.
  • Belts. Again, most students start with a white belt. The belt serves two purposes: holding their shirt closed and signifying their rank. Students earn different belt colours as they progress through the ranks.
  • Shoes. Normally, shoes are not worn when practising karate. However, if your child has a foot injury or has experienced foot pain, you can purchase special karate shoes.
  • Pads. When students begin learning to spar, they’ll need to use body pads for protection. These pads usually include pads for the hands, wrists, feet and legs, as well as a helmet. Most pads are made of foam to protect the body from impact.
  • Mouthguards. Protecting your child’s teeth is important when they start sparring. Plastic mouthguards are available to protect against accidental punches or kicks to the face.
  • Punching bags. As your child learns and advances, they might want to be able to practice their hits and kicks outside the dojo. Punching bags are great for this.
  • Floor mats. Your karate school will most likely have floor mats for students to use, but having one at home makes it easier for your child to practice between classes.

Where to buy a karate GI online

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