How to Find the Perfect Jiu Jitsu Gis, Gear, and Uniforms for Sale

Finding the perfect gi can feel like a massive task, so at Zett Sports, we want to help. Being comfortable, finding the right fit, and maintaining a good-looking uniform are all important to unlocking your performance potential.

There are a few steps that go into finding jiu jitsu uniforms for sale that will help you narrow down your equipment options, especially if you are just starting out in martial arts. Follow our guide to find exactly what you need to perform.

Fit of Your Gi

First, and most importantly, you will have to find out how you prefer your gi to fit. Tighter or baggier? Shorter or longer sleeves? If your uniform doesn’t fit properly, your movements will be hindered, which will stop you from reaching your full potential on the mat. Make sure your sizing is excellent and everything fits well, even when you have to go into full splits. Fit is incredibly important, and as advanced martial artists know, different gear styles can help new practitioners to feel completely comfortable—or out of their league—during training and competitions.

Comfort of Your Jiu Jitsu Gi

One of the tasks you’ll have to check off as you shop is locating the correct weave for your gi. Do you prefer softer material for training and tough material for competing? It’s up to you. Regardless of your preference, weave comfort is something you must consider before you start: you don’t want to be thinking about how scratchy your gi is when you should be focusing on your match.

Pearl weave, gold weave, single weave, double weave, or ripstop weave: each material comes with its own comfort guidelines and weight. Your choice could affect your actions in the ring as well as the options available to your jiu jitsu opponent, so engage trusted MMA gear providers who can provide you with insight on the benefits of each.

Style of Jiu Jitsu Gis for Sale

Next up is how your gi looks. Just because a gi looks amazing doesn’t mean it will feel amazing or help you live up to your abilities. Once you have found a gi style that you know works for your needs, you can spend a little bit of time considering which style will give you confidence and poise every time you train.

Decide if you like a plain design or something with some more flair. Whether you are selecting a rare style or something simple, make sure the company you trust to provide your gi is available to answer your questions and provide customer service as you need it. Finding jiu jitsu gis for sale that are comfortable as well as stylish shouldn’t be a daunting task, and that’s why at Zett Sports, we offer the right level of insight, support, and experience to make the buying process easier.

Since 2002, Zett Sports has been a proud manufacturer and supplier of martial arts and boxing uniforms and equipment. We are here to help you through the process of finding your perfect gi. The jiu jitsu gear for sale on our online store is top-quality and battle-tested to make the process of finding your gi as easy as possible.

If you are undecided, we would be happy to produce samples to make your decision easier. Contact us on our site or by phone or stop by our retail store in Bankstown as soon as you’re ready to take your jiu jitsu practice to the next level with the perfect gear.