Affordable Martial Arts Gear, Equipment and Uniforms for Sale

Getting affordable training equipment and fighting gear without compromising on quality is possible with our selection of martial arts products. At Zett Sports, we manufacture and supply premium equipment, uniforms and training gear to help support martial arts enthusiasts Australia-wide and give them the edge they need. Our gear and products for sale are ideal for all styles and aspects of fighting including sparring, training and fighting competitions.

Martial Arts Equipment for Sale to Help you Train for Fights

When training to perform at your maximum, and to outperform your opponent, the best equipment and gear is needed. Our quality material and superior craftsmanship make our products a brand you can trust with prices that are affordable. We have a wide range of high-quality training gear for sale including pads, paddles, bags and equipment for improving speed and agility.

Our Zett shock-resist focus pads, for example, offer wrist support with fully padded fingers and are made from highly durable synthetic leather. They have been tested and proven to be stronger than genuine leather. We also have Thai pads for sale which are Australian-made with ripstop material filled with foam which makes it more durable after repeated kicks and punches. For those who are looking for a stylish yet lightweight pad, our Keanu Focus Pads are one of our more popular products. These pads are made of vinyl and filled with EVA for maximum shock resistance.

Other training equipment includes punching bags. These are available in either hanging or free-standing form of which the free-standing version is ideal for clubs, gyms or at home where you want to save on space and avoid holes in the ceiling. They also offer the flexibility of movement with 360 degrees of manoeuvrability during training. For speed and agility training, we have 4m flat speed ladder and several lengths of battle ropes. The loose weave in the ropes ensures flexibility, rotation, and natural motion ideal for rope drills which will give you the ultimate upper body, core and cardio workout.

Our catalogue of products also includes gloves, gym mats, belts, wrist wraps, skipping ropes, sports bags, protective gear, and much more so you can have the right accessories to train and compete in your chosen style of martial arts.

Fighting Outfits for your Martial Arts School

We understand that each style of martial arts has their own unique uniforms. Therefore, we offer lightweight Karate, Taekwondo and Kung-Fu uniforms, with the option of embroidery so you can personalise your fighting outfit with your club name or logo. Our embroidery service is of premium quality and uses a durable method of styling your apparel, so you can be confident it will look professional and of a high standard.

Our superior comfort uniforms with fabric reinforcement are ideal for Judo or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The reinforcement material in high impact areas means that your uniform will last through numerous fights and give you the quality wear you need.

Our business aims to provide premium quality gear to support various martial arts styles and fighters. Contact us today for all your martial arts supplies and get the edge over your next competitor.