Make Zett Sports in Melbourne Your Favourite Store for Martial Arts Supplies, Gear, Equipment, and Uniforms

No sport offers more all-encompassing benefits than martial combat. Characteristics such as power, stamina, discipline, preparedness, speed, and precision are indispensable in this sport. To become the best, it's not enough to train diligently and stick to your diet. Starting sporters and experienced martial artists alike know you also need the best martial arts gear. Melbourne combat sport aficionados should choose the right gloves, mitts, wraps, shirts, shorts, shoes, protective equipment, and even carrying bag to reach the top.

For more than fifteen years, Zett Sports has been a trusted manufacturer and provider of gym, boxing, and martial arts supplies in Melbourne. If you are looking for high quality, superior craftsmanship, and affordable cost, you're at the right address.

More than just a martial arts store for Melbourne martial artists

With a keen eye for sturdy materials, superior craftsmanship, and an excellent quality to price ratio, Zett Sports has become a sought-after leader in martial arts supplies. As a martial arts store for Melbourne, we stand out by supplying the best possible customer service. Providing useful information to both budding boxers and talented taekwondoka is essential—we don’t believe martial artists at any level should take a risk when they purchase important pieces of gear.

Are you sure whether the boxing or kickboxing shorts you wish to buy will fit you snugly? You don't want to choose shorts that are restrictively tight, you also can’t afford loose shorts that distract you. Every martial artist is different, and not everyone feels comfortable in the same model and size during their practice.

To learn which shorts will fit you best, take your exact measurements. Consult the size charts we provide before you click on that "add to cart" button. The same rule applies to shirts, shoes, and other combat art clothing. We believe in empowering every buyer to make the right choice without hassle.

Gloves are a highly personal choice for martial artists. Protecting your hands, fingers, and thumbs is vital in this sport, and you'll find a multitude of different gloves in our webshop ranging in brand, sizes from extra-small to extra-large, 4 oz to 16 oz, filled with foam, and materials including leather and latex.

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of brands, models, and materials available? Every combat artist goes through this trial more than once. Don't start measuring your hand yourself. To make sure that the numbers are entirely accurate, let someone else do this for you. Your trainer will be happy to assist you, and Zett Sports will be here to address any concerns you have before you’re completely ready to buy.

Ready to begin?

There are many reasons to start combat practices as a hobby or sport. No matter what motivates you, your condition will improve radically and your muscles and your discipline will grow stronger. Spend the necessary time and effort on your body and invest in Zett Sports martial arts equipment in Melbourne to support your passion.

There is a reason we are often the chosen supplier of martial arts uniforms for Melbourne clubs; our offerings are battle-tested and top of the line, from training equipment to gloves and gear. Contact us for information. It's our pleasure to help!