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Martial combat is a phenomenal method for training both the body and the mind. Martial artists know this sport is not only useful for learning fighting and self-defence tactics; martial arts are a valuable means to learn protection, but the sport can also provide a tactical challenge and a physical gauntlet in one. No matter whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, you can employ the fighting arts to improve your fitness and introduce a new passion into your life.

If you are discovering the powerful effects of a martial arts practice on both your body and your mind, your next step may be to uncover high-quality gear that can safely and reliably support your practice and competitive goals. Trust Zett Sports for martial arts equipment tested by fighters for durability, comfort, selection, and tournament eligibility.

Get excellent martial arts supplies in Adelaide

Those just starting out in martial arts will soon find they need to upgrade the trusted sweatband, cotton shirts, and running sneakers they have relied on for years to support their other fitness activities. You will need to invest in a few key items from our martial arts shop in Adelaide to assemble a selection of gear that will empower you to practice without worrying about comfort, fit, or safety. If you are not sure what to invest in first, ask your instructor what you should buy as a beginner both for training and competitions.

One of the first pieces of equipment you will need will typically be a martial arts uniform. While it seems obvious you'll need a karate uniform if you're joining a karate school, and a judo gi if you want to learn judo, some schools will recommend different pieces of starting equipment or physical gear to their students instead. As a beginner, you may start with a lighter uniform. Even when you’re wearing a light uniform, the material inside it must be high quality and very sturdy to withstand those powerful grabs and takedowns. Zett Sports martial arts equipment in Adelaide can stand rough-and-tough training, providing you with the ideal starting point for your practice.

For your face, your feet, and anything in between

Protective gear is a must in martial arts. Even though beginner students are only allowed light physical contact and usually only start sparring once they've earned a specific belt rank, protecting your mouth and groin area are necessities in these contact-heavy sports. Seasoned fighters need to keep themselves protected from harm with gear that will allow them an exceptional range of motion. Ask your instructor which protective equipment you need and feel free to browse the selection provided by our martial arts store in Adelaide when you’re ready to buy.

Your feet are important to protect. Dismiss those pictures of dojos with barefoot students; martial art shoes are quickly gaining popularity, and for good reason. Choose your lightweight cotton or rubber-soled shoes wisely and they're a joy to wear, providing additional ankle support and shock resistance. Zett Sports is proud to provide only battle-tested martial arts supplies in Adelaide that offer durability and support specifically for the demands of this practice

After you've had your first taste of martial arts, you can purchase better training equipment to further advance your practice and give yourself a competitive edge. If you need any help finding the correct martial arts gear, please contact us anytime. We love to share our passion for martial arts and high-end gear with fellow fans.