Find Your Quality BJJ Gi for Sale in Australia

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial arts form that focuses on grappling and floor takedowns with fast movement and channelled strength. Getting into this sport is difficult if you are not adequately equipped with the right uniform for combat or practice. Buy a gi in Australia through our website and find options ranging in colours from blue to white to black and a variety of sizes to choose from that empower anyone and everyone to find the right BJJ gi for sale in Australia.

Our gis offers superior comfort, rip-stop pants with high-grade drawstrings to prevent any breaks in the fabric, and a secure fit with reinforced fabric in high contact areas to allow the wearer the ability to engage in combat with maximum effort with little to no damage to the uniform. If you want a custom element to your gi, Zett Sports offers the option to embroider the arm, leg, chest, and back regions of your jiu-jitsu gi. We offer three options for possible embroidery styles. In communication with you, we will help you find the perfect way to show your creative style while still being able to grapple your opponent to the ground.

Purchasing a BJJ gi for sale in Australia online is a smart move toward preparing for the next match while bringing some style into your routine with eye-catching custom embroidery. Buy a gi in Australia with a martial arts supply company that will put your equipment needs first at home and in the ring.